Brandon Ermita has been interested in computers since his early days with the Apple II (1977), the Commodore PET (1977) and the Tandy TRS-80 Color (1980). Particularly as a result of experiences with the square calculator-shaped and chicklet-sized keys of the Commodore PET and TRS-80, he became interested in IBM keyboards with his first IBM PC/AT computer in 1984 (Intel 80286 processor at 8.0 Mhz (0.08 Ghz) with 30MB (0.03GB) hard drive, and 512K (0.5MB) of RAM. Little did he know that he would still be looking forward to using the same keyboards with buckling spring technology 35+ years later in. Over the past two decades, he has discovered how many others have been longtime fans of the IBM model M keyboard -- described by some as "The One True Keyboard".

As a collector, he has been gathering and cataloging vintage model M keyboards since 1999 and each year regularly sells hundreds of new-vintage and refurbished keyboards to other afficiandos throughout the US and around the world. At the start, he had known of the popularity of these keyboards throughout noteworthy geek communities such as,,, While looking for additional keyboards to add to the collection, he has compiled detailed lists of specific models and production dates, while searching for strange model M variants and finding the earliest model M keyboards.


Afghanistan*  (US airman stationed in Bagram Air Base), Argentina , Aruba , Australia , Austria , Bahrain , Belgium , Bulgaria , Brazil , Canada , Chile , China , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Dominican Republic , Finland , France , Hungary , Germany , Greece , Guatemala , Iceland , Indonesia , Iraq*  (UK Royal Marine stationed in Basra), Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Luxembourg , Morroco, Malaysia , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Qatar , Romania , Russia , Singapore , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sri Lanka , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Turkey , Ukraine , United Kingdom , United States of America    



Currently, his preferred "daily driver" computer is a MacBook Pro (2.7Ghz, 8GB memory, 128GB SSD) with a secondary 32" Samsung curved LCD.. connected of course neither to the Apple Mighty Mouse nor the compact, low profile Apple keyboard, but instead to a real two-button Logitech optical mouse and to the 1985 IBM model M keyboard (1388032 in IBM model M keyboard in industrial gray).

While not spending time on vintage keyboards, he is currently working as a Technical Manager at Princeton University with various Cybersecurity, Project Manager and IT certifications including (CISSP, CAPM, ACTC, MCSA, ITIL). He is a proud member of the National Eagle Scout Association (along with other famous Eagle Scouts including Neil Armstrong, Michael Bloomberg, Clive Cussler, Gerald Ford, Steve Fossett, Bill Gates, Sr., William Hanna, James Lovell, Jr., Wynton Marsalis, Ross Perot, Kevin Rose, Mike Rowe, Donald Rumsfeld, Steven Spielberg, Sam Walton).  He has also been a long-time member of the National Rifle Association and is a supporter of 2A to the United States Constitution.  In addition to Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze, he is also an avid shooter with his Canon 60D.  After completing his undergraduate degree at New York University, he received a full scholarship as a graduate student and Ph.D. candidate in Behavioral and Neural Sciences at Rutgers University. He has done neuroanatomy research investigating amnesia in individuals after anterior communicating artery rupture and basal forebrain infarction. He has co-authored several academic papers on topics ranging from computational neural networks and associative learning in amnesiac patients.

Throughout his career, he has been in the unique position to be surrounded by model M keyboards in various academic and professional settings. He has used his combination of research skills, past experience and technical knowledge to develop an expertise about the topic, while making vintage model M keyboards available for current and future generations via

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